What To Do When You Find Your Tap Water Is Brown

What should you do if you find your tap water is brown? Can you still drink from it? There are several reasons why the tap water in your house is producing such discolourations especially when you commonly know the water quality in your area.

Brown flakes appearing. If there are brown flakes coming from the tap while the water quality is still clear, there is a chance that the plumbing in your house is already corroded and these chips that are joining the water are coming from them.

Rusty colour. Rusty coloured water that comes out from your tap can be a yellowish or dark brown to black which is caused when there is a pipe maintenance, burst main pipes, fire hydrant testing, or natural causes. This rusty colour mostly goes out on its own and your water quality will be back to its old self so you do not have to worry when this happens.

What should you do if there is brown water coming out from your tap?

Do not worry first and don’t panic. Check your home if the discoloured water is coming only from one tap or if it is happening to all your faucets. Also, check if your neighbours are experiencing the same water issue or if it is only your house that is having a problem.

If your neighbours are also experiencing your dilemma, this is a good sign that there may be a water maintenance happening in your neighbourhood. If your house is the only one having water problems, there is maybe a chance that something is wrong with your water pipes. Contact a plumbing service provider especially if the quality of water coming out from the taps are not safe to use.