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Frequent Causes of Clogging In Bathrooms

bathroom clogClog in the bathroom happens at some point, but it can be avoided. Understanding your plumbing system is key if you want to avoid plumbing issues. Below are the common causes of bathroom clogging.

Soap Byproduct

Perhaps you did not think of soap byproduct to one of the causes of bathroom clogging. There are certain ingredients in the soap when mixed with water leaves behind a hard residue called soap scum. Soap scum not only leaves an messy look on your bath fixtures, but it can also congest your pipes. A thorough drain cleaning can remove soap scrub that may be clogging the drain.


It’s likely that you already know how taxing hair is to your plumbing system. A little hair washed down the drain adds up over time. Most of the time, it isn’t the hair itself that’s the problem, it’s the hair that gets caught in preexisting sludge and grime coating your pipes. When this happens, clogs are much more common. You can reduce the likelihood of these clogs happening by getting a drain cover for your shower.

Feminine Wipes, Personal Care Products

Never let these items travel down your drain–especially if your plumbing is older. Just like what hair can do to your pipes, feminine hygiene products can cause clogging in your pipes. The material of these products catches in preexisting grime and causes blockages. Although wet wipes may advertise themselves as flushable, they never truly are, the material of wet wipes is a major cause for clogs.

Small Objects

Small objects can cause clogging in the bathroom. If you have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other items sitting in your shower, you’ve probably knocked one of these items over or dropped an item before. This causes clogs when caps or other small objects from these items accidentally fall down your drain. These create almost immediate clogs, but a plumber can always fix this issue for you.